Chemical Plants

Workers at these and other chemical plants may face an increased risk of mesothelioma or other diseases due to asbestos exposure on the job:

  • Allied Chemical Plant
  • Allied Chemical Soda Ash
  • American Oil Refinery
  • ARCO Oil Refinery
  • Borden Chemical Plant
  • Chevron Chemical Fertilizer Plant
  • Chevron Chemical Plant
  • Chevron Cracking Plant
  • Chevron Oil Refinery
  • Chipman Chemical
  • Colliers Chemical Plant
  • CONDEA Vista Chemical
  • Dow Chemical Plant
  • Dupont Chemical Plant
  • Dupont Yerkes Plant
  • Dytex Chemical Company
  • Georgia-Pacific Resin Plant
  • Harcros Chemical Inc.
  • Hercules MCW Plant
  • Hercules Powder Co.
  • Hooker Chemical Plant
  • Industrial Liquid Chemical Company
  • Intermountain Waste Oil Refinery
  • Irwin Chemical Co.
  • Midnite Uranium Mine
  • Mobil Oil TOSCO Northwest
  • Naugatuck Chemical
  • Olin Corp.
  • Pennwalt Sodium Chlorate Plant
  • Petro Chemical Products
  • Portland Gas & Coke Co.
  • Rhone-Poulenc Chemical Plant
  • Roswell Industrial Air Center
  • Shell Oil Refinery
  • Standard Oil Refinery
  • Stouffer Chemical Plant
  • Texaco Oil Refinery
  • Thompson-Hayward Plant
  • Time Oil (U.S. Oil)
  • Union Chemicals Co.
  • Uniroyal Chemical
  • USI Chemical Co.

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